Here’s another remix using one of my poems by CCMixter community member ROSSI. It’s a lively house track that features my poem “When the Earth Is Gone.” I love the Creative Commons, and this is a good example why. I recorded my poem that I wrote years ago in a creative writing class, and then my track gets remixed into a house track by ROSSI. All this happened on the site, and, as it was licensed under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial License, that track was also remixed on an Internet compilation of house music made on the CCMixter website, called The unofficial danceMixter compilation – vol. 4 -Techno & Trance. It is hosted for free downloading on the Internet Archive. I hope you enjoy this track.

My poem titled “The Citrus Family” has been published on Referential Magazine. My poem refers to the word “lemon” in Melanie Faith’s excellent article “Sifting Through: Writing a Way Into and Through Stalled Pieces.”

Referential Magazine makes interesting use of hypertext linking. The different works refer to words in other works on their site. Very fun.

Thanks Referential!

I wrote “The Apple Picker” after spending some time in BC picking apples one Fall in the early 1990s. This was at the time of the collapse of the cod stocks. It was published in the book “Wild on the Crest: Sea Poems: Newfoundland and Labrador”, an anthology of poetry that I co-edited along with Mary Dalton, Kristina Fagan and Peter Walsh.


The Apple Picker

You see, I was a homeless Newfoundlander in BC
climbing ladders up into trees.
I’d stretch and strain my sore, sunburnt back
all for the sake of apples.


The work of CCMixter user tazzista the tenias is a personal project of Manuel Herrera Usagre from Spain.  He created the project to share musical performances and to collaborate with other musicians around the world. He says “I feel very proud with the results. It is fascinating that you can do something here, in Seville, Spain, and someone else can remake it, use it, remix it and refresh it.” I am proud that he chose my poem, “Hunting Sunbird”, to remix in his piece “Hunting sunbird (Guantanamo cover).” I hope you enjoy it.

Hunting Sunbird

Sunbird rises
Flies over sea
Hunter shoots
World goes black
Dog fetches star

Remix of my poem Big Blue Mind by ccMixter user s. c. mixer.

Featuring a remix and video of my poem Randy done by user gurdonark.

Featuring a remix of my poem When the Earth Is Gone done by user deaddragoncarcass.
Also a deaddragoncarcass remix of a song by user Forensic.

Special guest John Munro sings two love songs and reads three poems, and special guest Mike Munro reads one poem.

Special Guest Mike Munro Sings Two Songs, Dancing Down the Rabbit Hole, and Heaven and Hell Blues.

Two poems about techology, heat and email. Electronic music by Bjorn Fogelberg from Kooroshi Porn from the Magnature label.