Author: Ken Munro

A poem about kayaking, and the kayaker’s relation to the ocean. Also featuring the song Kayak Girl by Smallfish.

Ken reads two poems, When the Earth Is Gone and the global bonfire; two songs by one blue nine and Bevil the Two Headed Monster.

I was inspired to write the Mountain God by an environmental action I participated in in Korea in 1997. The podcast features the track Medicine Wheel by Suzanne Teng, courtesy of

Tonight I have a surprise, guest musical appearance by guitarist and poet Mike Munro. Please enjoy the music of the music of language and the music of the music in this piece.

A poem about a dog carcass found at the mistaken point ecological reserve while hiking.

Two poems about the Iraq Wars and smart bombs.

A poem the collapse of the Newfoundland codfish stocks.

A poem about a ring scam experience in India.

A poem about ego-clinging.

A poem about an ex-con, a convict to be, a man who shared his stale donuts with me.